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You can enjoy elaborate traditional Japanese cuisine with seasonal ingredients carefully chosen by the owner chef , Kouichi Tamada , at Geppa Japanese Restaurant.

Bamboo shoots in Spring, pike conger (a special sea eel) in Summer, matsutake mushrooms in Autumn, blowfish in the cold Winter, and more.

With every meal, you can taste each seasonal ingredient and feel the coming of each season in Japan.

Geppa is a cozy, privately owned restaurant and with every meal, we treat you like our private guest preparing dishes to suit you.

Perhaps, when you hear “washoku” you think it might be too pricey and intimidating to have Japanese cuisine, but don't let that thought hold you back from visiting us at least once.

After all, Geppa was created to welcome guests with the hope that they can ‘Enjoy delicious Japanese cuisine in a homey and relaxed atmosphere.’

So, when it's time to catch your breath and unwind, why don't you come in and have a seat, where you can take it slow, at Geppa?


Suggested Course Starting from ¥12,500(2h) and ¥15,000(3h)

The chef's course of choice; Let the chef prepare the dishes for you by choosing the best ingredients of the season.
Please let us know which ingredients you'd like to have, and/or any you'd like to avoid when you make a reservation.

Rooms and Seating

All seating is either Western style table and chairs or in a Japanese-style room with a low table Horigotatsu.

Geppa, the main restaurant

44 seats are available
Including approximately 15 at the counter.
Five private rooms (Suitable for parties of 2 to 12 people)


We accept reservations for dinner only.

We also accept reservations on the day, but only by phone.
Let us ask about your budget and ingredients you'd like to avoid when you make a reservation.
We may not be able to accept reservations depending on the availability of seating.

Reservation by phone.

You call either the main restaurant or the annex for reservations to either location.

The main restaurant


Opening hours
Dinner: 6:00pm~11:00pm
Closed on Sundays

Main restaurant

Shinnihon-Shinchi bldg. 1F, 1-7-6 Sonezaki-Shinchi, Kita-ku, Osaka
5 min. walk from exit No.11-43 of Kitashinchi Sta.
326m from Ooebashi sta.
Phone Number: